5 Home Selling tips

By: Zivasa Brokerage

5 Home Selling tips

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First-time home sellers aren't real estate newbies. Even so, it's not like buying a home teaches you everything you need to know about selling one.
Even if you've sold many homes, novice sellers still face challenges and decisions that are unique to the sales process.
If you're ready to sell, but anxious about the unfamiliar experience, here are five tips to sell your home fast:

1. Price your home competitively

Pricing your home properly from the beginning is imperative. Your Realtor® can explain current market trends in your community, including what's selling, what isn't selling, and why, so you can set the optimal price and terms. Be sure to research comparable sales, also known as "CMA" for comparative market analysis. Your real estate agent should be an expert in home values in your area and can be a great help with this.

2. Time your home sale properly

Choose the best day to list your home. This time period will vary depending on your local community, the weather, time of year, and a host of other factors, including the state of your present real estate market. But homes sell under all conditions. The trick is to be realistic about what market conditions will allow.

3. Stage your house to sell

Ask your agent to advise you on preparing your home for sale. Most homes show better with about half of the furniture removed. Consider home staging to boost your selling power and appeal. Painting is the single most effective improvement you can make.

4. Complete certain home repairs before listing

If you know you have a water heater that's about to go, a running toilet, leaky faucet, or other issues that are likely to turn a buyer off, or more importantly, be flagged by a home inspector -- fix them before listing your house for sale. As a seller, however, you'll want to be more circumspect, since those repairs take a bite out of your profit. Typically, repairs that are required by law or involve safety or health hazards are "must-dos." But you needn't say yes to every repair. Cosmetic fixes in particular might be a "no."

5. If you get an offer, move fast

The moment you get an acceptable offer from a potential buyer, and you agree to sign the contract, you need to start moving fast toward the closing. Many first-time sellers tend to underestimate the speed at which their house might sell, and it is imperative to have a plan in place so that you know where you will move to once the house is sold, again where an agent helps.

Selling a home for the first time can be extremely stressful and exhausting. A first time home seller who has a top producing agent in their corner will have a much greater chance of a smooth and successful home sale.