Benefits of Open House

By: Zivasa Brokerage

Benefits of Open House

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Holding an open house is one of the best ways to gain valuable feedback. Attending other open houses can help greatly with understanding where your home measures up.

Below are some of the advantages of having an open at your house when your home is up for selling.

Benefits of doing an Open House

1. Allows for Shopping Around
It allows prospective buyers the chance to view multiple homes and compare what the market offers. As a seller, you could venture out and look around at other homes, either to move into or for a market comparison against your own home.

2. Buyers Can Come at their Own Pace
Arranging times and appointments with homeowners can be tricky. As a seller, holding an open house is a great way to have a large number of prospective buyers all coming through your home in one 2 hour time block.

3. Hear Other Feedback
Often times other prospective buyers looking through the home will make passing comments. Hearing positive feedback or seeing what others are pointing out also helps you notice.

4. Allows Buyers To Not Feel Pressured
Open houses will allow buyer’s to tour the home with little to no pressure. Buyer’s like to analyze a home in detail without having a time constraint or pressure.  This can allow a buyer to identify whether they like a home or not.

5. Face-to-Face Contact
An open house is a chance to talk up the positives not just about the house but the neighbourhood as well. There are often questions about local schools, restaurants, and transportation.

Note: We recommend a bit caution when doing an open house. Be wary of nosy neighbours and take caution with your valuable items.